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Numerologist appointed the end of the world on April 23

Numerologist David Mead sure that the Apocalypse will happen in a week and a half. According to his calculations, on April 23, the mysterious planet X will appear in front of the Earth, which is regularly rumored, but nobody has ever seen it .

The emergence of a planet near the Earth will lead to a change in gravity, which will cause volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and further on the list of catastrophe films. It is extremely difficult to name the version of Mead convincing. He draws his conclusions on the basis of a passage from the Bible.

Run for buckwheat is not in a hurry: NASA experts are confident that the planet X – a complete fiction and it simply does not exist. Scientists at the University of California, having analyzed the information received, also doubt the existence of a celestial body ten times larger than the Earth. However, they do not completely exclude that it does exist.

Experts warn that there is no reason for the end of the world (at least in the next week and a half) and there is no need to panic.

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