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Netflix refused to participate in the Cannes Film Festival, because “chooses the future of cinema”

Netflix refused to participate in the Cannes Film Festival after the paintings that did not qualify for a full French rental were banned from participating in the main competition. Under this requirement have got including including all films of an online cinema. This is reported by Variety with reference to the head of the content service Ted Sarandos.

According to the top manager Netflix, the companies were allowed to show films in Cannes out of competition, if she had such a desire. In response, the service not only refused any participation in the festival, but also stopped talking with its organizers.

We want our films to be on par with any other filmmakers. It was they who set the tone for [the conversation]. I do not think that it will be pleasant for us to be there. Thierry [Fremo, festival director] said that the history of Cannes and the Internet is two different things. Of course, these are two different things. But we choose the future of cinema. If the Cannes decided to get stuck in history – it’s okay.

Ted Sarandos
Netflix Content Leader

Sarandos expressed hope for a change in the rules of the Cannes Film Festival and noted that the service still supports all films and directors. He explained that if Netflix had agreed with Cannes, he would not have escaped the serious risk of being booed – as it happened at the last film festival when the film Ochcha was shown.

On March 26 it became known that Netflix projects were suspended from participation in the Cannes Film Festival, because they do not go to local cinemas. The company wanted to negotiate a limited rental “day in and day out” or shortly before the premiere in Cannes, but the French laws allow the production of films in digital rental only three years after the release of the movie.

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