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In Orenburg, the OMON covered a mining farm for 6,000 “ashikov”, which “stole” electricity

The operator of the Orenburg power grid noticed a strange increased consumption of electricity at an abandoned factory. The consumption was more than 8 million kWh. In the place went investigators with riot police. They found there a fairly large mining farm of 6,000 pieces of equipment.

The scope of crypto-producers is really amazing. ASIC-miners were neatly mounted on racks, and power cables from them led to the plant substation. Hundreds of boxes with unpacked equipment were also found in the premises.

The suspects were detained at the substation, where they locked themselves away from the police. The door had to be broken with a sledge hammer. They can be threatened either by a fine in the amount of income for the last six months, or by imprisonment for up to five years.

According to preliminary data, the miners “stole” electricity by 60 million Russian rubles. The Orenburg media reported that the farm’s investors live in the UK. Probably, the director of the intermediary firm received money from investors to pay for electricity in his pocket: he led a wild life, bought an expensive foreign car and visited overseas resorts.

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