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How to read Reddit correctly

If suddenly you waited 13 years to start reading Reddit, then perhaps this time has come – post-instruction for use. you can also read the history here 

Reddit user and not reddit user, meeting, fig. 1

I was going to write some instructions about the basic mechanisms of Reddit for a long time, since after nine years of stamping there I’m sure that the site is simply not more convenient. Although it was a long time and looked worse than MS Word with all the panels turned on. I had been going to write this post for so long that Reddit even announced plans for redesign, so I decided to speed up and adapt the post immediately for a new design.

About Reddit everyone knows – this is a site divided into many communities (subreddits), where everyone can create their own community – almost on any topic from cats rushing on robotic vacuum cleaners , to communities where you can ask a question about something directly from the professors, scientists or historians – for example, as AskHistorians .

I will not list the communities and in the end I will note those that I especially like. And the focus of the material will be on how to figure out the limitless number of buttons on Reddit, what applications it is better to put and other similar issues.

By the way, keep in mind that after registration you can not change your nickname.

To enable redesign on Reddit, you need to register, open the site settings and select there below “I want to participate in the beta testing of the new Reddit features.”

After that, you will see the “Try redesign” button on the top left, by clicking on which you will get a little mathematical … by clicking on which you will get Reddit with a new design FOREVER.

Friend and protector
Chief on advice

I divided the article into several parts – about the mechanisms, about how your post is gaining comments and popularity, and about the communities where I like to be stupid.

Sorting strips

This is probably the first place after which people slammed the door, escaping with Reddit. In fact, everything is simple: each tape posts have their sorts of sortings – on the main Reddit page and inside the sub-object or even the user’s profile. Note that inside each community these buttons may look different in different designs, but they all perform the same functions as described below.

Unlike Facebook, where for you the popularity of the post unsuccessfully tries to determine some algorithm (very often overshadowing your interests), then here you have complete control over what you see.

0. Best of

The item “Best” (Best) is shown only for those who have registered. There are the most zaplusovanye materials regarding the number of cons.

To my taste, this tape is rarely updated.

1. Hot

In the ” Hot ” (Hot) are popular right now posts. Does this tricky sorting algorithm (not to be confused with Facebook recommendations), which is responsible for the position of the post on the main on its neighbors. Therefore, the main Reddit does not look chronologically, and many factors influence the place in this top. Hot changes every hour or several, but especially high-profile news can hold out there for quite some time.

By the way, if you just opened Reddit, make sure that you select the Everywhere item immediately under the inscription “Hot”, and not some Poland or something similar – it’s they that regional communities promote.

By the way, at this sorting I would like to put the firm sign.

2. New

It’s all simple. ” New ” is a chronological tape of all posts, based on your subscriptions. It depends on whether you are registered or not.

3. Controversial

For all nine years that I’m on the site, I used the “controversial” a couple of times. ” Controversial ” is when the pluses and minuses of the post are about the same amount.

Good for fans of political battles on the Internet.

4. The most popular

It is also Top (not a god with a hammer, but an English word) – the best for the specified period of time, sorted by the likes. Simple and understandable.

5. Growing popularity

For comparison: ” Hot ” shows already popular posts, where there are already many comments, ratings. All the sarcas have already happened, and the perpetrators have already been banned.

” Growing in popularity ” (it’s Rising) is another clever algorithm, but it’s sharpened to show new posts that may become popular. This works well when you have tens of thousands of posts per minute, and this algorithm helps you not to go crazy with chronological sorting “New”.

Remember, I wrote above about the fact that after this thing runs away as users can? So after this escape the remaining ones – some of the sortings above have an additional filter. I collected them all in one place below, it will not do any good, but you will not be afraid of them now.

Additional filters indicate, as a rule, on the date range, but in some places and on the region – as was the case in the “Hot” tape.

Uselessly useful knowledge I


You can give Reddit users a “golden account”. It includes several improvements to the interface, disabling advertising and some discounts for partners. Giving accounts, as a rule, for the merits before the community – you can give a gold account for the post or comment. The ” Gilded ” tape is a way to view such publications.

Comments and posts for which someone was given an account are marked with such a symbol – I will increase it for you.



Reddit has its own wiki engine built in – I will not say that it is necessary for someone, but some communities take some kind of collective knowledge, it turns out to be convenient. In general, there is a local “Wikipedia”, where, probably, there is a lot of interesting.


On Reddit there is such a thing as a subscription – you can subscribe to users or communities that you like, and then, by reading the tape ” Hot ” or ” Fresh “, and others, there will be only those things that you yourself have subscribed to. Or you can reverse, just read all posts from all sections.

Subscription to the community is in the right sidebar of the community, roughly the same.

Community example / r / wtf

In general, after you have passed the registration, subscribe to a couple of sub-sites ( here you can choose some popular communities). You will have a hamburger (real) at the top left, we need there a couple of buttons that I marked emoji.

Other buttons you can poke yourself, but if you are the first time there, be more careful


Here are all your subscriptions. Do not like some kind of thing? Just unsubscribe from a sub-account or author, and she will not bother you anymore.

This page opens automatically when you sign in to your account.


Imagine that you are subscribed to all communities on the site – this is exactly what you see there – all posts from all communities, for the same sorts. There’s plenty of seals and pictures in the style of Adme, so it’s an amateur – but this is a good section to find new communities for subscription.

Note, you can use in Home and All those sorting of tapes that we have already studied. For example, if you subscribe to just a couple of communities and open Home -> New, then you will see there posts only from these communities.

Advisor on the Internet


Until the time of redesign, the catalog of podreditov was one of the most terrible places on Reddit

Well, since you already understand how sorting works, it’s time for something to subscribe. Here I will share some communities that seem interesting to me – and you already decide whether to subscribe or not.

/ r / AskReddit / – you ask questions from Reddit, the reditors respond.

/ r / worldnews / – the best place to practice English in political sraks or to choose a new US precedent (This is a joke, okay, FBI guy?).

/ r / todayilearned / – little interesting facts that people find somewhere on the Internet. The fact needs to be placed in the header.

/ r / gaming / – for fans of playing games, to quarrel with EA, Ubisoft, No Man Sky, Fallout 4 and there’s a long list …

/ r / BlackPeopleTwitter / – the top Twitter, which users make their own hands (times).

/ r / WhitePeopleTwitter / – the top twitter, which are pummeled by the users themselves (two), both cool.

/ r / wheredidthesodago / – gifki-excerpts from the store on the couch.

/ r / woahdude / – everything that causes the emotion of “Wow, dudes”, mostly gifki.

/ r / wholesomememes / – memes, often not entirely understandable, if you do not follow the life of the sub-object.

/ r / MemeEconomy / – signals for traders and insides, plums and only up-to-date information on trend memes

/ r / VaporwaveAesthetics / – for those who love cyberpunk.

/ r / Unexpected / – unexpected cases in hyphae.

/ r / LifeProTips / – cool tips to make life easier, like: “Speaking at a presentation with a personal laptop, make a new user and show the presentation under it. So you will not be distracted by personal messages, pushes, calls and so on. ”

/ r / UnethicalLifeProTips / – like a subsite, but with unethical advice, like: “Ask your girl to guess where you are going today, and when she calls the first option, tell her what she guessed.”

/ r / Tinder / – if you suddenly want to start getting more lucky dates in Tinder, then there are some cool jokes for this case, but it’s better to be the coolest, okay?

/ r / shittyrobots / – Robots from shit and sticks, I really like it

/ r / Shitty_Car_Mods / – great ideas for tuning your car.

/ r / Showerthoughts / – a cool place where you collect some interesting and unusual thoughts. I at least know a couple of accounts on Twitter and Facebook that constantly take something from there, translate and give it away for their thoughts. But before that, only I did!

/ r / ProgrammerHumor / – jokes for pogromists. It’s on this podsayte did “fictitious” interfaces loudness and sending down on the attack on Hawaii .

/ r / OSHA / – for safety lovers, that is, literally a collection of its violations.

/ r / NoStupidQuestions / – a place where you can ask any question, seriously, they try to answer everything. The last in the top: “Why animals do not need to clean their asses after pooping?” But if we do not do it, it gets super irritated. ” I will not translate.

/ r / HistoryPorn / – in 2013 I was one of the first to create this format on Then this format was stolen from me and took it to “VKontakte” with all my posts (not even copied the text, bastards!). In general, this is the place where you originally collected and collect old photos on the Internet

/ r / INEEEEDIT / – for those who do not know why he needs a levitating mug of a spider-man on a special stand with diodes. Secondly, go fuck, that’s why, I’ll buy this mug and no one will stop me! (something like this)

/ r / lifehacks / – normal lifhaki from ordinary people. Not in the style of “how to teach crows to steal small things from weak tourists if you run out of money for food”.

/ r / disneyvacation / – there is a site wikiHow and for some reason he draws to all his articles a picture of poor quality. Here dudes collect them and come up with stupid signatures for them, a very good place

/ r / dataisbeautiful / – the beauty of the data in a beautiful form.

/ r / ATBGE / – something like “so bad that it’s even good.”

/ r / AccidentalWesAnderson / – random Wes Anderson, one of my favorite places for relaxation.

These are just a few of 500+ of my subscriptions, so suggest in the comments what you like – let’s exchange sub-sites. If you need something very specific, then you can do / r / findareddit / and you will be helped to find this sub-root.

Here’s a little homework for you: find a community that you like and try to see the best posts there, all the time, let’s see what happens, wuf-wuf!

* drips with saliva *

A dog-friend
Best by assignment

How to make a post and that someone saw it, please

It’s quite simple to make a post – Reddit supports three types of post:

  • Text post;
  • Picture or video;
  • Link.

Everywhere you need to enter into the title some detailed description of what you are going to post. Try to follow all the rules of the community, where you write, otherwise your post can “catch” – in other words, people can not vote for it, comment on it and so on. Or just zaminusovat.

The interface of the editor. Note that on the right are the community rules, where you write and the rules of Reddit as a whole

In order to post someone saw, the matter is already more complicated.

If you are writing to an already existing community, then there are almost certainly lovers of reading the New or Rising tapes , and your post is most likely to be seen. I just got on the main page for all nine years, so there is no iron recipe here.

Do not hesitate to make a post at once in several communities, preferably large ones. Try to do the job when in the US around nine o’clock in the morning: a post can go up to the main page almost a day, it depends on many factors.

If you made a community and would like to develop it – pay Reddit for advertising. This is a good and working format, only you first need to make posts 20 on the topic of your community – so that people understand what is happening there, and why they need to subscribe to you. Well, further in the same ways you can get some subscribers. Often still advertising a community in the form of a post in another community works well, but this is not accurate.

Example of Community Advertising

Uselessly useful knowledge II

This guy is called Snoo and he is Reddit mascot.

And if you really decided to get used to it, here’s the list of abbreviations that I actively use on Reddit:

  • AFAIK means As far as I know (“As far as I know …”);
  • AMA means Ask me anything;
  • CMV means Change my view (“Change my point of view”);
  • DAE means Does anybody / anyone else (“Somebody else …”);
  • ELI5 means Explain like I’m 5 (years old) (“Explain as if I’m 5 years old,” my favorite format);
  • FTFY means Fixed that for you (“Fix for you”);
  • IAMA means I am a (“I …”);
  • IANAD means I am not a doctor (“I’m not a doctor”);
  • IANAL means “I am not a lawyer”;
  • IIRC means If I recall correctly (“If I remember correctly …”);
  • IMO / IMHO means In my opinion (“In my opinion”) and In my humble / honest opinion (“In my humble or honest opinion”);
  • ITT means In this thread (“In this thread of discussion”);
  • MRW / MFW means My reaction when (“My reaction when …”.) And My face when (“My face when …”);
  • NSFL means Not safe for life (“Dangerous for life – cruel or disgusting content”);
  • NSFW means Not safe for work (“Dangerous for work – the content of a sexual nature”);
  • OP means Original poster (“The person who started the thread of discussion”);
  • [Serious] means “Only serious answers” (often used in / r / askreddit , and now other sabreddits);
  • PSA means Public service announcement (“Public service announcement”);
  • TIL means Today I learned (“Today I learned …”);
  • TL; DR means Too long; Did not read (“Too long, did not read”);
  • YSK means You should know (“You must know”);
  • OC means “Original Content”.

Perhaps, congratulations, you are the chief!

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