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Eocorythoderus incredibilis – a beetle that is lazy to walk and is now wearing termites (3 photos)

More recently, scientists-entomologists have discovered and described a new species of beetles – Eocorythoderus incredibilis (“Beetle with a handle”). These insects live in termitaries and practically do not go beyond their side-altars. Beetles up to 3 cm have lost their wings and almost lost their eyes, in addition, they even grew lazy to walk, instead they were termites.

For ease of carrying on the chest and back of the insect, even outgrowths resembling handles appeared. Beetles eat mushrooms, near which termites build their huge termites, being a kind of parasite. Beetles slowly propagate and eat relatively little, so do not do much harm to termitek.

At the same time, they learned to simulate a smell similar to the smell of termite larvae, and therefore the latter and transfer them from place to place.

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