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Dell advertised in China a special gaming laptop for cheaters

The American company Dell has chosen a somewhat controversial way to promote one of its laptops in China. A little later, the manufacturer admitted that advertising a laptop in this way was not a good idea. Nevertheless, the company has achieved its goal and attracted attention to the Dell G Series line-up.

Laptops advanced as computers capable of working with a large number of various “add-ons” for the game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. It is very popular in China, so, probably, almost all cheat program for multiplayer shooter appear here.

In advertising, Dell reported that Intel processors 8th generation will allow “to run simultaneously even more plug-ins to win more often at the” chicken dinner “.” We are talking about the phrase that demonstrates the winner: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ( «win-win instead of lunch!” In Russian localization).

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