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Combat knife of the US special forces V-42 “The Crusher of the Skulls” (6 photos)

Before you is a combat knife V-42, which is very much appreciated by collectors because of its limited edition series. The knife was part of the equipment of the US special forces that carried out sabotage operations in the rear of the enemy during the Second World War. Next, we offer a closer look at this cold weapon, which was also called “Crusher Crusher.”

The total length of the knife – 320 mm, the length of the blade – 180 mm, the thickness of the blade – 5 mm, weight – 200 grams.

The base of the blade was not sharpened.

Therefore, it was easy to put a finger on it and remove the knife from the defeated enemy.

The handle was covered with leather, so the knife did not slip in the hand.

The skin on the inside of the guard reduced pain at the time of the impact.

And because of this pointed cone on the handle, intended for blows to the head, the knife also got its name.

The contract for the production of knives was received by WR Case & Sons Cutlery Company, which in 1942 – 1943 released only 3,423 such knives.

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