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American startup Orion Span plans by 2022 to open the hotel in orbit

Based in Texas, the startup Orion Span announced its plans by 2022 to open the first space hotel in orbit. Construction of the hotel called Aurora Station will cost about 99 million dollars (about 6.3 billion rubles).

The hotel is designed for four guests and two crew members. For a 12-day stay each holidaymaker will have to pay 9.5 million dollars (about 600 million rubles). Guests will be able to experience the state of weightlessness, as well as take part in experiments – for example, in growing vegetables on board, which they can be taken with them to Earth as a souvenir.


Before the flight every space tourist will undergo a certification program and visit the Orion Span training center in Houston. In the future, the company also plans to sell the first “space condominiums.” Already at the moment Orion Span accepts refundable deposits in the amount of 78 thousand dollars per person for trips to the space hotel.

The founder of the company Frank Bunger (Frank Bunger) argues that his idea will make space more accessible to all comers, while retaining for them an unforgettable experience.

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