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Zuckerberg said that his data also came to Cambridge Analytica due to large-scale leakage

On April 11, Facebook’s head Mark Zuckerberg made his second appearance in the US Congress. During a hearing in the House of Representatives, California congressman Anna Eshoo asked Zuckerberg if his personal data had come to third parties. Facebook founder replied “Yes.”

Mark Zuckerberg speaks in Congress for the second consecutive day due to the leakage of user data to Cambridge Analytica. On April 10, he gave testimony to thesenators of various committees, and on April 11 answered the questions of the House of Representatives.

The fact that the analytical company Cambridge Analytica was able to circumvent the rules to obtain the data of 87 million users, it became known on March 19. After this, accusations of violation of privacy, lawsuits and questions of several governments collapsed on the social network.

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