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Zuckerberg denies gathering information about Facebook users through a microphone

Yesterday began hearings in the US Senate on the case of a leak of user data from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg gave his testimony. One of the questions concerned the collection of user data, and the founder of the social network disclosed some details about Facebook’s methodology.

Senator Gary Peters asked directly: “I’ve heard this many times, including from my staff. Is it true or not that Facebook uses audio files from mobile devices to collect personal information about users? “ Zuckerberg replied: ” No “ and” to be correctly understood “, explained what he means.

According to Zuckerberg, the company does not use information from microphones. But at the same time people upload Facebook videos, which usually have a voice. And the company uses audio tracks from commercials for its own purposes.

Earlier there were many rumors that Facebook collects information from private correspondence and user calls for personalized advertising.

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