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The tactical game about partisans during the Great Patriotic War was announced

In the early spring of 2019 will be held on the release of tactical games “Partisans” with elements of survival, where the player will take on the management squad, fighting in the rear of the Nazis. Develops the game studio Alter Games, which employs natives of AllodsTeam, Nival Interactive and Skyriver Studios.

Under the guidance of the player will be both soldiers of the Red Army, and civilians, decided to stand up for the defense of the homeland. With such a diverse company will have to conduct an underground struggle, organize sabotage and engage in espionage. Elements of the “survail” will be present: it will be necessary to equip the camp, train the fighters and monitor their condition.

Tactical battles using the advantages of the terrain will dilute the dynamic weather change and the change of seasons. Each character will have a set of unique characteristics and background.

It is known that the plot of the game will unfold in 1941. However, nothing is known about the scene yet. It is possible that we will be able to observe familiar Belarusian toponyms.

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