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The studio of the director of “Region No. 9” Neil Blomkamp announced the fundraising for the next film with the help of crowd-hosting

The director of “Region No. 9” Neil Blomkamp announced the beginning of fundraising for the next film Oats Studios. It will be the continuation of the short film “Firebase” (“Reference point”) about the Vietnam war in the alternative reality.

The director wants to collect money for the film directly from fans, bypassing traditional Hollywood funding and producers. To do this, Blomkamp launched the site , where any user can make a studio donation in the amount of 10 Canadian dollars  to a thousand .

We want to build a studio of the 21st century, which is financed directly by the fans. The more people support us on the web, the more content we will release. We want to create an ecosystem where we get resources from the community. Our goal now is to make the next Firebase movie. If we collect 40 dollars – we’ll take a bad Firebase, and if 100 million dollars – then a whole trilogy.

from Oats Studios website

For a donation of 10, 25, 50 and 100 Canadian dollars, the director’s studio will note the sponsors in the credits, will show the commercials about the preproduction, production and post-processing of the picture, will open access to the site where the picture can be viewed, and also send the PDF file to the users all concept art to the picture. And the first 100 people who transfer 250 or 1000 Canadian dollars will receive a Firebase poster, signed by Blomkamp and the whole Oats Studios team.

It is not known how much money has already been collected, but the site reports that the campaign will last 30 days. The director does not have a specific goal for the collected funds: his studio will make the film for the amount that the fans will allocate. For the same reason, there is no exact time frame for the production of a new picture – the team will need to understand how much resources it has.

As noted in Oats Studios, every dollar “hits the screen” and will be used in production. If the venture is successful and a significant amount of money is collected, then among all the sponsors of the picture, randomly choose one who can go to the set, get acquainted with the team and get their own role in the picture.

Studio Neal Blomkamp began producing short films in the summer of 2017. The first two films related in one way or another to military topics: in the first , the resistance army confronted the alien invaders, and in the second soldier in Vietnam fought with the mystical River God. The third was inspired by “Something” and “Alien” and told about the struggle with the creature, consisting of parts of human bodies.

About when the fourth film in the series will be released, the director did not tell, but it is known that the short film will be called “Lima”, and its action will take place in our days. Between the pictures the studio produced small conceptual videos, for example, on July 7, there was a short sketch about God with Sharlto Copley (“District No. 9”) in the title role.

In the fall of 2017, Blomkamp’s studio released two extensions of the technical demonstration of the Unity engine about the robot Adam.

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