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The speech of Mark Zuckerberg in the US Congress proved once again that he is not a man

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On April 11, Facebook’s head Mark Zuckerberg first spoke at a public hearing in the US Congress. The reason was a scandal with a large leak of personal data from social network users: according to media reports, information about tens of millions of people was illegally transferred to the company that helped Trump in the 2016 elections.

The open meeting was broadcast on the main American channels, and Zuckerberg’s speech attracted the attention of many people. Users of social networks from the first seconds engaged in a favorite thing: they began to look for evidence that the founder of Facebook is not really a person. “Zuckerberg robot” – this is a long meme, which is even dedicated to a separate section on Reddit. And the entrepreneur constantly gives conspirators new reasons for discussions.

By the fall of 2017 users already accumulated some evidence of “inhumanity” Zuckerberg. And because of the speech in the Congress they have new arguments.

He needs an extra battery

The growth of Zuckerberg is about 170 centimeters. Perhaps, that’s why he brought a special pillow to the hearing, which he put on the chair. But bloggers do not fool: they immediately realized that this is an external battery. Given that the meeting lasted more than four hours, this model of Zuckerberg could be discharged.

“” Mark 3000 standard denying robot “skillfully imitates a person, but the skin has yet to be improved! It comes with an optional battery »

It mimics human actions, but it turns out badly.
It’s worth working on the movements.

“Do not forget to drink water, people love water”

“It is clear to all that Zuckerberg is trying to deceive the whole country and make us think that he is a man. But we know that robots do not need water, Mark. ”

“Maybe if I pretend to be a living organism, they’ll let me go. Think, Tsukk-8197A, think, think. I know. I will drink what they call “water”. I think I even know how it’s done ”
It turns out very badly

Zuckerberg is like an android from “Startrek”
On the ship “Enterprise” from the series “Star Trek: The Next Generation” served as Lieutenant Commander Data – an advanced android, which is similar to Zuckerberg. Coincidence?

“Zuckerberg may have told Congress that the more he collects data, the more he learns about people”
If he is not a robot, then an alien or reptiloid
Another popular theory – Zuckerberg flew from another planet, or, in extreme cases, an intelligent reptile.

“Zuckerberg lost his contact lens during the hearing and showed the terrifying eye of a reptile”

“Your face, when I wanted to find a way to evaluate girls in appearance, but ended with the advancement of the fascist government in the most powerful country on Earth”

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