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Six companies in the US were required to remove the stickers “Warranty is canceled when removed”

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States immediately sent several large manufacturers to remove a sticker from their products, which says that the warranty for the device has been lost in the event of its unauthorized removal. These stickers, as well as the prohibition to use third-party parts and tools are prohibited by law.

As improper conditions, the FTC also recalled the cancellation of the guarantee if the product is used with unlicensed third-party products. Or else when it is torn off a seal, not a conventional sticker.

The commission does not specify which companies received the appropriate notification, but the categories of such companies are known: cars, mobile devices and gaming systems. Given that the latter in the market is not so much, we can assume that the unfair practice of FTC caught Microsoft or Sony.

Similar notices were received last year by Apple, which eventually had to abandon its belief that a third-party repair of the iPhone screen deprives it of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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