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Scotland Yard: Yulia Skripal refused the help of the Russian embassy and the visit of relatives

Julia Skripal

The British police published a second statement on behalf of Yulia Skripal, who was discharged on 9 April from a hospital in Salisbury after poisoning. The daughter of the former colonel of the GRU, Sergei Skripal, who remains under the supervision of doctors, refused the services of the Russian embassy in the UK.

I have specially trained police officers who care about me and explain how the investigation is going on. I can contact friends and relatives, I was given contacts of specific people in the Russian embassy in the UK. [Russian diplomats], who were so kind to me, offered any help they could provide. While I do not want to use their services, but if I change my mind later, I know how to contact them.

Julia Skripal

Julia Skripal, who “feels safe”, noted that she can not give a full interview to journalists due to her health condition. She also noted that Sergei Skripal is still seriously ill.

I left my father in the care of doctors, and he is seriously ill. I, too, still suffer from the effects of the nerve agent that have been used against us.

Scripal has not yet wanted to see his cousin Victoria and asked her not to come from Russia to the UK, listed on the site of Scotland Yard. In turn, on April 11, Victoria told about the re-submission of documents for the British visa.

This is the second statement of Violin, which appeared on the website of the British police. The first Scotland Yard published on April 5: in it Julia confessed that she feels better every day, but she did not mention her father’s condition.

Previously, British doctors said that the state of Sergei Skripal is improving at a fast pace. British authorities and scientists predicted that the victims of the use of the substance “Novice” may not fully recover, and noted that its effect on the nervous system can not be predicted.

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