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Scientists told about the dangerous “Dark Zone” near Greenland

Scientists have called dangerous the education in Greenland, already nicknamed the “Dark Zone”. It is located on an ice shield of dark color, which becomes more and more saturated. The length of the region is about 400 km, width – up to 100 km. In the “Dark Zone” there is a more active melting of snow and ice. Its color was obtained due to dust and particles of soot.

As the scientists note, the “Dark Zone” is not a problem only for Greenland, but poses a potential threat to the entire planet, as further active melting of the shield can lead to a rise in sea level.

According to Science Alert, at present sea level grows by about 3 mm per year, every year the process is accelerated by 0.08 mm, and the ice of Greenland can make a significant contribution. Scientists expect further growth of the “Dark Zone”.

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