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REN TV entered the hospital where he treated Skripal, but he interrupted the report because of the inscription “Caution, slippery sex”

Vitaly Khanin at the inscription, which stopped him. A shot from the REN TV reportage

On April 11, REN TV released a report by correspondent Vitaly Khanin, who was taken to a hospital in the British city of Salisbury, where, following poisoning, former Colonel GRU Sergei Skripal is located.

According to the TV channel, at some point the journalist was forced to remove all the material. REN TV broadcast a movie in poor quality with effects, explaining that the employees still managed to restore the “technical copy.”

REN TV did not find any cordons or policemen, only a few guards. The journalist walked freely along the corridors of the hospital, not meeting other visitors early in the morning.

However, the correspondent drew attention to “a lot of closed doors” in the hospital. As a result, he interrupted his report at the door, behind which, in his opinion, there is a department of microbiology with Sergei Skripal.

Here the sign “Do not go in, stay away”. Apparently, this is the only protection against the most deadly substance, which in England is called “Beginner”, which the management has come up with for its visitors.

Vitaliy Khanin
REN TV correspondent

True, the inscription on the door translates as “Caution. Slippery floor!”.

Judging by the report, Khanin went back from this door, meeting two nurses and then guards along the way. At the request of the last REN TV stopped shooting.

On March 4, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were hospitalized unconscious because of poisoning with the substance of the class “Novice”. On April 9, doctors discharged Julia. According to the doctors, Sergei is on the mend.

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