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Optical illusion, which will take you no more than a minute

April 9, user NightBreeze13 published on Reddit a variation of optical illusion with blurred multicolored spots on a light background. The author assured that if you look at the picture for a long time and do not take your eyes off, it will disappear.

How long does it take to “stay” only a white background – a controversial issue. NightBreeze13 claims that it may take about a minute, although sometimes enough 15-30 seconds.

Scientific publications have explained the optical illusion with the effect of Troxler – by the name of the Swiss physician and philosopher Ignat Troxler. Briefly, the human brain is able to ignore receptor signals if the eye is focused on something for a long time – that is, the visual scene does not change. When the peripheral parts are blurred, they disappear even faster.

The effect of Troxler also acts with other feelings. For example, in the morning a person puts on underwear and feels the cloth. After a few seconds, the sensation disappears, because the sensory neurons adapt to it and are perceived as insignificant information.

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