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In the Dutch village they built a “singing road”. A week later the locals managed to close it

The mechanism, which played the hymn of the province for days, was called “psychological torture”.

Residents of the Dutch village of Jelsum (Jelsum) obtained from the authorities the closure of the “singing road” section, which was opened in early April. According to the local population, the noise from the route was a real “psychological torture”.
The authorities spent about 80 thousand euros (more than six million rubles) for the installation of the road. Special marks on the right side of each strip should notify the driver of compliance with the speed limit. If the car drove at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, the road began to “perform” the anthem of the province of Friesland, which includes the village.

But from the first day the situation got out of control. When several cars were passing along the road at the same time, the sounds turned into cacophony, causing discontent among the residents of nearby houses.

Next to Yelsum is also the airfield of the country’s air force, from which the fighters are constantly taking off. But, according to the local population, it’s better to listen to airplanes than a melody that does not stop.

I would prefer planes than this. At least, they stop flying at 5 pm.


After a personal meeting of the officials with the residents, the cover was dismantled and the site turned into an ordinary road.

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