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In social networks showed a “machine for creating clouds” from NASA. But these are just tests of rocket engines

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On April 11, the journalist of the science department of The Verge, Loren Grush, talked about a viral video she saw from a former classmate on Facebook. In the video, former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson stands amid a huge device, from which clouds seem to come out. The video is called “artificial cloud generation system”: it is understood that the machine was created in NASA.

The similar clip was told by Forbes author Marshall Shepherd, who for 12 years was a meteorologist in the US space agency. According to him, he also saw in social networks stories about the device for creating clouds.

But in reality, NASA does not have a car that could “modify” the weather. In fact, the video is mounted from two videos of different years with rocket engine tests at the John Stennys Space Center located in Mississippi.

One part is the testing of the RS-25 engine for the American superheavy Space Launch System booster. The other part is a fragment of the documentary film “Speed” from the BBC, where Clarkson actually starred. In 2001, the journalist arrived at the NASA base to take down the RS-68 engine tests.

In the edited clip they left Clarkson’s words about the “clouds” that appear due to the work of the engines. In fact, this is a very hot vapor, which is released during the tests due to the burning of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. It can be seen at the take-off of a rocket, but on tests it goes horizontally. This explanation the authors of the video cut out.

NASA has been testing the engines in Mississippi for a long time, the last time in February 2018. And every time it causes “fake news”.

Marshall Shepard

In this case, the engine can actually cause rain. After the test, the steam rises and heats up and then turns into water. But this can not be called a special creation of artificial clouds.

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