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Four proofs that Mark Zuckerberg is not a living person (and a refutation from himself)

Mark Zuckerberg is smiling. Getty Photos

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg looks like an ordinary person with simple interests: nature, family and street walks. However, conspiracy experts are confident that the appearance of a friendly entrepreneur hides an alien reptilian who watches for human individuals.

collected evidence of a theory that Zuckerberg himself actively denied.

He has a jacket with suspicious symbols

For the first time Zuckerberg showed himself as an alien invader in 2013. During the interview, he initially nervously answered questions, began to sweat, and then took off his jacket. On its inner side was a strange symbol with the inscription “We make the world more open and united”.

“The symbol is similar to the sign of the cult or the Illuminati” – the hosts were surprised, but Zuckerberg nervously stated that this is one of the Facebook logos. And then he immediately folded the jacket, covering the sign.

Once he confessed that he had ceased to be a man
In 2014, at a speech Zuckerberg made a suspicious reservation, which conspiracy experts perceived as evidence of his extraterrestrial origin.

“… it will bother you, because you are people, as I was. I mean, I’m human, still, but … but … I was just talking about myself in the past, and did not mean that I’m not human, “Zuckerberg justified himself. But the Internet activists did not convince.

He eats and moves strangely

In late December 2016, Zuckerberg published a video about his “smart house”. Supporters of the conspiracy theory analyzed the record and found that the creator of the social network is wrong to eat a toast.

In one scene, he takes it from a toaster, but on the next frame in the plate of the businessman there are already two slices of bread. That is, Zuckerberg needed an assembly gluing to demonstrate the ability to eat a toasted toast. Internet activists have noticed that he does not close his mouth when he chews. Some called it the defect of the Zuckerberg robot.

“Have you ever eaten a toast?”
The alien origin of Zuckerberg is indicated by another episode. In some photos, the entrepreneur’s legs are bent in the wrong direction, as if this is yet another design error.
If an entrepreneur is true from another planet, he should correct the defect with his knees. In the film “Arrival” it was he who issued the aliens.

Sometimes he purposely tries to look like an ordinary person
Since the beginning of 2017, the head of Facebook has traveled to all US states, in order, he says, to get to know the common people of the country better. In Facebook, an entrepreneur regularly publishes photographs in which he communicates with people, feeds animals or sits at a family table.

These frames look harmless, but Internet activists are sure – Zuckerberg is just trying to look like an ordinary person, hiding the true essence. To emphasize this, they began to write truthful versions of posts.

Here is another sincere picture of me and my human family, on which I demonstrate the reflex of mammals that we humans often experience in such situations as parades and street festivals.

Zuckerberg compared with android from the series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”
The refutation of Zuckerberg
During a live broadcast on Facebook in June 2016, the head of the social network answered the question of involvement in extraterrestrial races. On the direct question of the user “whether you are a lizard,” Zuckerberg said confidently “no”, and called the question “very stupid.” And then licked his lips, which is considered one of the signs of a lie.

It is noteworthy that Internet activists usually call it a reptilian, not a lizard. Perhaps the author of the commentary and Zuckerberg himself deliberately substituted concepts to hide the cosmic origin.

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