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Astronauts congratulated the “tankers” from the ISS

Cosmonauts Oleg Artemiev and Anton Shkaplerov, who are now in the crew on the International Space Station, recorded an appeal to the players of the World of Tanks. They congratulated gamers on Cosmonautics Day and wished successful battles.

At the same time, the cosmonauts announced a special gift – the Space Bonus. It can be obtained by going to the World of Tanks between 6 am on 12 April and until the same time on 13 April. It’s enough to play one fight and get bonuses for an hour: + 100% to experience, + 300% to crew experience and free experience, and + 50% to credits.

For Oleg Artemyev, this is the second space mission: in 2014 he spent 169 days at the ISS. Anton Shkaplerov was in space for the third time (before that he flew in 2011 and 2014), in total he stayed outside the Earth for more than 365 days. Together with them, on board the ISS, there are three American astronauts and one Japanese.

Cosmonautics Day is celebrated every year on April 12. On this day in 1961, Yuri Gagarin on board the Vostok-1 for the first time entered the Earth’s orbit and flew the planet in 108 minutes.

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