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A drunken Estonian tourist was looking for a road to the hotel and accidentally climbed the Italian Alps

Igloo Bar. Photo Insider

A 30-year-old Estonian tourist named Pavel at night lost his way in the mountain resort of Cervinia in Italy and accidentally climbed to a height of 2,400 meters.

According to the publication La Stampa, the man was in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication. Assuming that he is on his way to his hotel, Pavel went along the snow-covered street, which led him to the ski track. He did not notice that the slope was getting steeper and steeper, and between 2 and 3 in the morning he managed to climb to a height of 2,400 meters, where there was a local bar called Igloo (400 meters taller than his hotel).

Penetrating into the institution, the man drank two bottles of water and fell asleep at the bar. While the Estonian was sleeping, the rescuers began a search operation, receiving a message about the disappearance of a man. He was searched with the help of a helicopter and a drone, two search groups with dogs, carabinieri and forestry officers also worked. As a result, the tourists were found by the bar owners who came to work in the morning.

Local police said that the man will be fined for a drunken adventure, but will not be accused of illegally entering the institution.

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