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“Yandex” restarted the response service, which for 8 years before it closed as unnecessary

“Yandex” has launched an experimental testing of the “Experts” service. Its users can ask questions on different topics and receive answers from other users – both authorized and anonymous. The answers and questions can later be evaluated by putting their fingers up or down.

Example question in the service “Yandex.Znatoki”

Questions can be sorted according to different topics, combined into blocks: for example, “Society, History, Politics” or “Computers, Electronics, the Internet”. Users will be able to subscribe to questions on these topics, as well as other “experts” – subsequent publications will appear in his personalized tape.

Representatives of “Yandex” noted that the project is at the stage of testing “various mechanics and concepts”, and any details about its work will appear no sooner than a few months.

Yandex already had a question and answer service “42”, but it was closed in 2010. Officially, the version of the closure of the project was that such a site “does not make a significant contribution to the quality of search”. In 2016, the company tried to add to the issue of its search engine cards with questions from users of the service TheQuestion.

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