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Ubisoft forbids Belarusians to buy their games

For more than a week, Belarusians can not buy games through the official Ubisoft service – the Uplay store. When you try to enter it, you receive an error with the code 1009, the inscription “Access denied” and the comment in English: “Sorry, in your country access to the Ubisoft Store is closed :(!” The thread is on the officia

Calls to the technical support service remain unanswered, requests to the press service are ignored.


For some reason, the Belarusians were banned from buying the publisher’s games through an official service (third-party sites allow doing this), is unknown until this time. In some cases, you can get a response that the operation of Ubisoft servers will be temporarily suspended due to technical work, which will affect their service functions, but it is unlikely that it is a denial of access.

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