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Theoretically, Facebook can be fined $ 7.5 trillion

Tomorrow Mark Zuckerberg will personally appear before the US Congress, where he will be asked for all the leaks of user data. But this is not the end. Facebook is likely to be fined for mistakes made. And this amount can reach trillions of dollars, writes The Washington Post .

William Kovacic, former chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in a comment to the American publication joked that the planet will not have enough money to pay a fine. And all because Facebook violated the agreement reached in 2011. And up to 100 million Americans can be affected by the case.

Of course, it is too early to speak about the size of the fine. After all, the investigation of the FTC has just begun, and about any official accusations and the court until the speech does not go. Experts nevertheless assume that the fine will be a record – not less than $ 1 billion.

But if you count on the maximum, the amount looms within $ 7.5 trillion. The Washington Post in its calculations relies on the number of injured Americans and the ability to view each episode as a separate incident. If each case is given a maximum penalty of $ 41,484, Facebook will have to sell itself into slavery for many centuries.

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