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The creators of the show “World of the Wild West” promised to publish the plot of the second season in advance, if for this vote on Reddit

Poster of the second season of the World of the Wild West. HBO Frame

Creators of the show “World of the Wild West” Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy decided to fight with spoilers in a radical way: they promised to lay out all secrets of the second season on the Internet before the premiere of the first series, if their comment on Reddit gains a thousand “pluses”. The authors of the series made an announcement during the traditional question and answer session of the AMA (from English Ask Me Anything).

The creators of the Wild West World described their plan as “a potentially very controversial decision,” but noted that the film crew agrees with them.

If you guys agree, then we will publish a video in which the entire story (and all twists and twists) of the second season is told. Literally everything. All these dirty things. Vote “up” [if you want to].

This is a new century and a new world in terms of the relationship between the guys who create the show and the community that looks at it.

from the announcement of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy at Reddit

According to Nolan and Joy, thus members of the community who want spoilers can just get them and protect the rest of the community. For example, helping to distinguish fanatical theories from real spoilers. The authors of the show noted that they had been thinking about this since the first season and were inspired by the example of the “Game of Thrones”, the fans of which protected the secrets of history and important plot turns from those who do not know them.

The producers plan assumes that those who want to get spoilers will get them, and the rest will be able to deliberately avoid all publications and sites on which there will be a video with the secrets of the plot. As noted by The Verge this is the first time that a television show can “zaspoylerit” itself.

Nolan and Joy promised to release the video in case their commentary with the announcement receives a thousand “pluses”. At the time of writing the note, the record scored the required number of likes in as little as 5 hours, but its rating periodically decreased slightly and it is likely that soon the situation will change in the opposite direction.

Many users of Reddit noted that this may well be a trick of the authors of the series, and the video will not contain a true story. The Verge appealed for comments to the HBO television channel, they replied that “this is the initiative of the creators of the World of Wild West” and advised to follow the updates on Reddit.

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