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The amateur of the sharp ate the world’s most burning pepper and got to the hospital with a narrowing of the arteries

The participant in the competition for eating hot peppers overdid it and found himself in the hospital with injuries to the arteries in the brain. An unusual case is reported in the medical report of the British Journal Case Reports.

The 34-year-old man ate a variety of pepper “The Carolina Reaper” – he enters the Guinness Book of Records as the most burning of all known. For comparison, this pepper is two hundred times sharper than the popular jalapeno. The effect of eating is better to just  see .

A minute after the “Karolinsky Reaper” was eaten, the man felt a growing headache, but lasted several days before turning to a medical institution. Specialists did a brain scan and noticed that the arteries were severely narrowed, which caused severe pain.

The cause of the disease was the active ingredient capsaicin – it is also used in pepper spray cans. After five weeks, the patient’s arteries returned to normal, and the headache passed.

Earlier specialists established a connection between cayenne pepper (another group of burning varieties) and problems in the work of the heart.

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