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SpaceX found innocent in the loss of a secret military satellite

The launch of the Falcon 9 booster rocket with the secret Zuma satellite on January 7 was unsuccessful. Details of the incident were not disclosed, but it was clear that the military apparatus was lost. Suspicions fell on one of the companies that participated in the creation of spacecraft, and among them – SpaceX.

However, it turned out that the company Ilona Mask has nothing to do with it. The problems arose in the bow of the missile with an adapter that was supposed to lead Zuma into orbit. The production of this device was handled by the contractor Northrop Grumman, not SpaceX.

Specialists assume that the adapter’s holding mechanism at the right time simply could not unhook the satellite from the rocket. It happened too late, when the rocket was already returning to Earth, and Zuma was burnt in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

The device was tested three times in terrestrial conditions, but at a critical moment it did not work properly.

After the failure of the mission on SpaceX criticized, but the company’s representatives have always said that failure is not due to a missile.

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