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Photo: Strange monument to Gagarin in Belgrade

Photos by @cenzura

Belgrade citizens ridiculed in social networks the bust of Yuri Gagarin, installed on the street of the name of the Soviet cosmonaut on the outskirts of the Serbian capital without a solemn ceremony. The reason for ridicule was unusual proportions of the monument – the bust itself is difficult to discern from the ground, as it stands on a massive high pedestal.

The authors of the monument and those who coordinated its installation, were criticized on the Internet. It was suggested that the bust was fixed so high that it was not stolen, and the proportions of the monument would protect it from the wind. Also commentators jokingly assumed that the rest of the monument hides the inside of the pedestal – Gagarin’s “body”.

“How much you need to be abnormal to design a pedestal ten times larger than a tiny head, and how much you need to be abnormal to allow its installation! Monument to Yuri Gagarin in Belgrade ”
Bustu started looking for analogues in world culture, and some commentators even tried to “recreate” the monument on their own.

“I see that it was a source of inspiration for the monument to Yuri Gagarin. They copied a medieval device for torture, an iron girl ”

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