New iOS blocked illegally repaired screens of the iPhone 8. Last time the problem was solved in a week

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The owners of iPhone 8 with screens repaired in third-party services complained about the problems in the touch-sensor operation after upgrading to iOS 11.3. As told by Motherboard general director of one of the informal services Injured Gadgets Akshay Kripalani (Aakshay Kripalani), he already had to issue two thousand returns, since the iPhone did not react to the touch of the owners.

Do not work screens on all iPhone 8 with unofficially repaired screens

According to Kripalani, he was approached by several customers who upgraded their iPhone 8 to the version of iOS 11.3, released on March 29. Previously, they replaced the original screen with an unlicensed one, because they either damaged or destroyed the old one.

As the owner of iOutlet services Michael Oberdick (Michael Oberdick), he deliberately denied customers with the iPhone 8 this year, because “I felt that this will happen again.” He believes that the matter in the microchip feeding the screen, which stops working normally after the update. Sources Motherboard confirmed that the repair companies have already found a way to solve the problem, but for this it is necessary to re-open the device and replace this chip.

About the problems and told the owners of the iPhone X

Several interlocutors Motherboard from anonymous service centers told that the iPhone X is almost not suitable for repair. For example, if you replace a certified screen with any unofficial one, then the light sensor that regulates the brightness of the screen ceases to work.

Michael Oberdik noted that the iPhone X can not be repaired because of possible problems with Face ID. The sensor is directly connected to the logic board, so when the display is replaced in the service it will stop functioning. “Apple – the only ones who can replace the screen, so that Face ID continues to work,” – added the owner of the service.

Similarly, Apple “interfered” with the repair of the iPhone 7- with the help of the so-called “error 53”, which deleted personal data. In 2015, iPhones with Touch ID stopped working after repairs in informal service centers and required to connect a special cable for calibration. 10 days after the receipt of hundreds of complaints, Apple released an update that corrects the flaw.

The last time a similar problem happened a year ago

In 2017, the owners of smartphones from Apple already fell into the same situation with the screens: the update of iOS disconnected the screens on the iPhone 7, repaired in unlicensed services. Then the company directly informed in the update that it does not approve the use of unofficial screens, as they can “spoil image quality” and work incorrectly.

Screenshot of iOS update

A week later, Apple still released a new update that fixed the problem with the screens of the iPhone 7. According to San Diego RepairMapr diagnostic service owner Kev Notton, Apple intends to continue to create problems for users to “they did not even think of repairing the device in third-party services. “

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