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Nastya Rybka and Alex Leslie are accused of making pornography (4 photos)

Known for its loud exposures, Nastya Rybka (Anastasia Vashakevich) and guru of the pickup Alex Leslie (Alexander Kirillov) have been imprisoned for more than a month in Thailand. Back in February, they were detained either for participation, or for conducting sex training in Pattaya. In addition, it was reported that they are accused of illegal residence on the territory of the country. Recently, new circumstances of this history became known.

In relation to detainees, charges have also been raised for the manufacture and distribution of pornographic materials. As the lawyer of the suspects noted, the case involves photos and video materials, on which a new statement is based. Only for this Rybka and Leslie face up to 5 years in prison.

In addition, there are reports of possible accusations of attempted rape and the organization of prostitution.

Meanwhile, Nastia Rybka complained about the terrible conditions in the prison. She says that she has to sleep on the cold concrete floor, because of what she “froze her kidneys”. According to the girl, she sits in a cell where she has 130 people besides her, while there is no sink and toilet, and they are given food only once a day.

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