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Mysterious “Nautilus”: the main facts in the case of the deceased journalist Kim Vall

Submarine “Nautilus”, where allegedly died Kim Vall. Holiday pictures AP

August 10, 2017 from the port of Copenhagen came home-made submarine Nautilus. On board was its creator Peter Madsen and Swedish journalist Kim Vall. She went with the seafarer on a trip to write an article about the submarine. But the material will not come out. On August 23, the police found a dismembered body on the island nearby, in which the missing journalist was identified.

Suspicions fell on Madsen, who was rescued from a mysteriously sunken submarine. The police and journalists continue to ponder what happened during the journey between the journalist and the inventor, who sharply changed his testimony.

What is known about the death of Vall

In the evening of August 10, journalist Kim Vall met with Peter Madsen in the port of Copenhagen. Her last photo was taken at 20:30 by one of the sailors. On it the journalist and Madsen stand aboard the submarine. The travelers agreed to go on a short voyage and return the same day. What happened on the submarine after the dispatch is unknown.

Kim Vall, along with Peter Madsen shortly before sailing. Holiday pictures Ritzau

Approximately six hours after the submarine’s departure from the port, Vall was reported by her young man. The police tried to contact the submarine on the radio, but no one answered them. The next day, a rescue team of two helicopters and three boats discovered a sinking ship in the Bowling Alley, south of Copenhagen.

The rescuers arrived just in time to save Madsen. According to him, the cause of the accident was a malfunction in the ballast tank of the submarine. The police did not divulge their version of the sinking, but suggested that the boat was purposely put out of action.

Submarine Nautilus shortly before sending to the last trip. EPA photo

At police interrogation, Madsen said that he dropped the journalist on the bank of Copenhagen after three hours of sailing, and he went on. Nevertheless, the businessman was detained on suspicion of unintentional murder.

A few days later, Madsen abruptly changed his testimony . According to his new version, during the journey, Vall was allegedly the victim of an accident, and her body was “buried” by her entrepreneur in Koge Bay. Despite the fact that the businessman did not disclose the details of the incident, some of his acquaintances vouched for him. According to them, the Nautilus was in the dangerous part of the sea when the incident occurred. The girl could fall and break her neck, suggested a familiar navigator.

On August 22, an occasional bicyclist discovered on the shore of Copenhagen a dismembered body without legs, hands and head. The DNA analysis found that it was Kim Vall. The corpse was wrapped in pieces of metal. “Apparently, that it sank,” – the investigators suggested. They also found traces of blood inside the submarine raised on the eve. Now divers are combing the sea in search of evidence and other limbs of the deceased.

Madsen denies his guilt in an unintentional murder. According to his lawyer, the identification of the corpse on the shore does not contradict the statement that the girl was killed in an accident. The only suspect in the case of Vall was arrested until 5 September. If the creators of the submarine are accused of murder, he faces up to 16 years in prison.

Who is Peter Madsen?

46-year-old Peter Madsen is the inventor and co-founder of the non-profit organization Copenhagen Suborbitals, which without the participation of the state and corporations develops missiles for suborbital flights. In addition, he built three submarines – the sunk “Nautilus” was the last of them. The submarine could hold up to 8 people and at the time of launching in 2008 it was considered to be the largest self-made submarine. Its length was 17.7 meters, width – 2 meters.

The website of Copenhagen Suborbitals says that the project completely exists due to croweding. The second founder of the project is Christian von Bengson, a former member of the Mars One project. He did not comment on the situation with his colleague, although, of course, she cast a shadow on the reputation of the project, which lives thanks to sponsors.

Peter Madsen gives testimony to the policeman. Photos of Scanpix

Peter Madsen grew up in the small town of Sabi, 100 kilometers from the Danish capital. His father was older than his mother for 36 years, he maintained an authoritarian regime in the family and cruelly treated his wife and son. When Madsen was six years old, her parents divorced. The child was left to live with his father. Peter treated him with apprehension, but shared his love for military affairs.

At the age of 15, Madsen founded his first company, Danish Space Academy. Three years later, his 81-year-old father passed away. At this time, Madsen was just studying engineering and was planning to build a submarine. In 2008 he created the Nautilus, and three years later he successfully launched a rocket from a floating platform.

Colleagues described Madsen as a quiet person who never drank or used drugs. At the same time, his friends noticed frequent mood swings and dislike of compromises. A cousin described Madsen as “a very strange man.” According to some reports , he lived for a long time aboard the Nautilus and told his friends that the submarine was cursed.

Who is Kim Vall?

Kim Vall is a 30-year-old native of the Swedish city of Malmö, but she spent most of her adult life abroad. The journalist graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as the Faculty of Journalism and International and Public Relations at Columbia University in New York.

Vall was a journalist with a good reputation. She wrote for The New York Times, The Guardian, Vice, South China Morning Post and TIME. She conducted investigations in North Korea, Uganda, Haiti and Cuba. In the description of her profile on Twitter, ironically stated that she likes to write about hackers, vampires, atomic bombs and feminism.

In late August, the girl planned to move to Beijing with her lover and continue working from there.

Kim Vall. Getty Photos

In a conversation with The New York Times, colleagues Vall described her as a talented and benevolent girl, interested in Chinese culture and Asia. In her Facebook, Ingrid Vall, the mother of the deceased, confessed that not only relatives and friends are grieving about the girl, but also many colleagues.

The tragedy caused a strong resonance in Denmark. Local media compared it with the Swedish-Danish series ” Bridge “. According to his story, on the bridge between the Swedish and Danish cities find the dismembered corpse of the girl. The New York Times reporter appealed to screenwriter Hans Rosenfeldt for commenting on the case of Vall, but the author declined to comment on the real crime. Later, the publication’s representatives apologized for the inappropriate comparison, which distorted the scale of the real tragedy.

On January 16, 2018, Peter Madsen was charged with murder and dismemberment of Kim Vall. He faces a life sentence.

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