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Mars becomes a bit closer

SpaceX announced the early start of the assembly of the first instance of the Big Fucking Rocket.

Artistic interpretation of the rocket in the middle of the lunar base

In the instagram of Elon Musk appeared photos of devices for the production of the main body of the rocket, which will for the most part consist of composite materials. At the moment, the construction of hangars in Los Angeles, which will house the capacity for industrial production of missiles, is being completed.

SpaceX main body tool for the BFR interplanetary spaceship

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The BFR test flight is scheduled for the end of this year, and since 2020 BFR is supposed to be used for flights with passengers, both on Earth and to create a lunar base. Earthbound flight from New York to Paris will take about half an hour, and, with sufficient network loading, its cost can approach the cost of similar air tickets. On Mars, as expected, the missile will fly already in 2022, unless, of course, SpaceX, by tradition, again will not miss all the terms.

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