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Korean companies fined almost $ 1 million for lying about lutboksah

The South Korean Fair Trade Commission fined three gaming companies for a total of $ 950,000 for cheating players with lootboxes. One of them spent $ 430 on the purchase of in-game boxes with parts of the puzzle. Adding it, he would have received a bonus in the game Sudden Attack – a popular Korean online shooter.

Each lootbox cost only $ 0.85. However, the game developers have kept silent that some parts of the puzzle are very rare for some reason and are found only in 0.5% of all lootboxes. While the players from advertising believed that the chances of falling out of all parts of the puzzle are equal. As a result, not many could gather a puzzle, and the game literally pushed to spend a little more on the new lutebox, which was about to fall out the coveted piece of the mosaic.

Actually, the developers of Nexon Korea and will have to pay the most – $ 882,000. On violations of the other two firms, the penalty is less – only $ 4,600 and $ 55,000. They also kept silent about the chances of losing items from their lootboxes.

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