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Jason Statham confronts a giant shark in the trailer of the horror “MEG”

On the Internet appeared the trailer of the film “MEG” with Jason Statham in the title role. The hero of dashing militants this time to overcome the ancient shark. View megalodon, which was considered long gone, has survived to this day and does not give rest to curious scientists.

The film is claimed as a horror and should scare spectators with a meter long shark teeth. Also in the film filmed Ruby Rose, Robert Taylor and Cliff Curtis. To evaluate the efforts of director John Terteltaub you can by the trailer of the film:

The premiere in our region is scheduled for August this year. The budget of the film was 150 million dollars.

The shark of this species was considered the largest fish of all known. According to different versions, the length could reach 15 meters, and the weight exceeded 40 tons. Megalodon died out about 3 million years ago.

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