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Investors demand Zuckerberg’s resignation from Facebook

Only the question of time was the emergence of calls for the removal of Mark Zuckerberg from the post of head of Facebook in connection with the scandal of privacy that unfolded around the social network. “He does not understand how big the world company is managing. He now has two positions – the director and chairman of Facebook. It’s time to give up one (or both) titles, ” said Open Mic CEO Michael Connor.

He suggests that Zuckerberg resign at his own request. Or expect a layoff. It is noteworthy that Open Mic does not have shares in Facebook. However, the company worked with Facebook investors to coordinate their requests to the company.

Similar proposals for the removal of Zuckerberg came from a representative of the municipal pension fund of New York, which is already a direct investor in Facebook.

Zuckerberg, in turn, in an interview with The Atlantic said that he was not going to leave, because he was sure “that he can cope with the problems that have arisen.” He certainly will not leave, as he owns 60% of the voting shares in the company.

In the meantime, Mark gave testimony to the US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Trade, where he apologized for fake news, foreign interference in elections and the leakage of information about users.

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