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In Turkmenistan, they began to fine pedestrians with headphones

The police motivate their actions by the fact that pedestrians listening to music can not hear the approaching car, which, in turn, will lead to a collision.

 As noted, such cases have been occurring since the beginning of April. Residents of the Turkmen capital indicate that policemen, fining the townspeople, refer to a certain “new position”, which, incidentally, was not brought to any of the fined pedestrians.

I crossed the avenue of Makhtumkuli. On the other side of the road I was stopped by a foot patrol and demanded to go to the strong point for a fine. We did not want to go to the office, and there was no time, so we “agreed” with the policeman on the spot-20 manats , and there was no violation

One of the fined residents of Ashgabat

In recent years, Turkmenistan has taken other measures against road accidents. In particular, a ban on the import of cars without airbags was introduced. In addition, a restriction on driving for women was introduced. Currently, women who have expired the driver’s license, can not extend it. Despite such measures, the number of accidents on the roads does not decrease.

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