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If fire alarms worked, people were killed more – this is proven by science

It’s strange that in the age of artificial intelligence fire safety in Russia is at the stage of stone. Today, a cheap processor can count fire protection measures to the smallest detail in order to save each life separately and all together. And do it in real time – depending on the development and place of the fire. Why do people still burn like beetles in a bank?

Mathematical model of the movement of people in case of fire

It’s hard not to catch an interesting topic, when you write another boring schedule for firefighters, still went to science for the sake of research. For himself, he applied several mathematical models to a number of large objects similar to the “Winter Cherry” shopping center. There is some kind of dullness, Russian objects are designed with a deliberately false fire safety system. (If anything, I have enough scientific findings to draw such conclusions.) If you declare a “fire” on the speakerphone, at least 8% of people in a half-filled building will die from the crush.

In a completely filled – over 21% of people will die in a crush

Well, you can not even declare a fire! This is quite simple math – write, give out the formula.

Another model, if a fire occurs in the area of ​​one of the exits. Here, special mathematics is not required. If the building has 4 exits, then about 25% of people will run to where the probability of death is 88%. This is another argument, according to which you can not bluntly declare a fire – let it be better people run not on the way out, but to the place where there is less smoke. Well, yes – the argument is not very, in practice it is difficult to determine where the smoke comes from. But, dammit, why not announce it by handsfree? If a group of sensors is triggered at the central output, why not put a phrase in the fire-fighting electronics program: leave the room through the emergency exit located there somewhere?

Gentlemen from the MES, who take senseless regulations! Why am I writing this article now? Do you have any math in the state? I can offer my son on half-time, he in the 9th class already counts all the options for people’s behavior in a confined space. In Russia, there are a lot of minds who will build a mathematical model for any type of object and create electronics that can guide people in the right direction, taking into account each individual zone. Why is this still not available?

Moreover, today in the age of network technologies, fire fighting equipment continues to be centralized, not distributed. It is worthwhile to cover one power wire at the central unit, as everything goes out. Every speaker, every sensor and everything else should be independent devices capable of making decisions, regardless of whether the guard turned off the central fire alarm unit or not. Communicating with each other over the network, cheap microprocessors are able to understand and explain to each other who and how to act on the territory entrusted to him. This is today the elementary elements of distributed-network technologies.

In my time, many clever developments have made their way into the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but according to the current practice only those whose technologies have remained in the 80’s. If I say that the reason for the corruption of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is that I will be accused of libel, because I will not prove anything to anyone. Then I will say that in the huge mansions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, by which I travel every day to work – well, I can definitely prove it. I do not know to whom they are decorated, but all their construction was accompanied by general stars – I learned how to distinguish them at military gatherings.

On the other hand, everything in the country is for a smart life! At one time I saw how a very interesting Russian firm tried to introduce very practical and modern devices. Already 15 years ago there were these correct signals with their own brains on board. Moreover, there has developed a two-way communication: instead of a fire button – a microphone, you can run up and tell where exactly what is going on. The last time I visited their site, they made an intercom for elite houses. Apparently, the officials themselves buy this home:

Intercom system with a huge number of functions both for saving lives, and for convenience of life

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