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Fake: Singer Katya Lel, who responds to listeners on Twitter

She allegedly explained the meaning of “moa-mua and jaga-jaga”, but the artist’s manager denied the authenticity of the account.

Katya Lel. Photo from ruTV

April 10 in the Russian segment of Twitter there was an account under the name of singer Katya Lel, who gained fame in the early 2000’s thanks to the songs “My Fruit” and “Two drops”.

She found a mention of herself in the users’ tweets and started to answer them.

This account appeared in February 2013 and since then it has been active, but not regularly. A significant part of filling the profile was retweets with Katya Lel’s references or tweets with links to the page of the singer in Instagram.

At the same time, the link to the @katelel account was not available on thesinger’s website : instead of her there was a link to the @katyalelmusic profile, where there is not a single tweet.

In a conversation with TJ, Katya Lel’s director Irina Shabelnikova confirmed that the @katelel account is “one hundred percent fake”. She added that the singer’s agents do not have any relation to her, and that the actress herself does not deal with the page on Twitter.

In the instagram, which was referred to as fake twitter, there were only two photos, both published in 2017.

At the same time, Katie Lel’s other instal – @katyalelofficial – is regularly updated and has more than 400 thousand subscribers. In 2015, he was also referred to by the account “Katya Lel.”

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