Apple said it had completely switched to renewable energy around the world

Apple Store in Chicago. Photos of Macstories

According to a press release on the Apple website, every company store, office, data center and contractor of the company now uses only “clean” energy. Two years ago, Apple covered 93% of its needs through renewable sources of electricity.

Now the company covers 100% of energy costs for its operating activities in 43 countries of the world only due to “clean” electricity. Apple said they committed to using renewable energy sources from nine new device partners.

Apple already has 25 functioning renewable energy projects around the world. They generate 626 megawatts of power, including 286 megawatts only from solar power generators that were launched in 2017. Another 15 projects are under construction, when they are completed – 1.4 gigawatts of net renewable energy will be produced in 11 countries.

from Apple’s press release

Apple noted that thanks to efforts in the field of renewable energy since 2011, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from the company’s plants around the world decreased by 54% and about 2.1 million tons of CO2 was not released into the atmosphere.

As noted in the publication of The Verge, it is unclear what exactly the company understands by “clean energy” and how to confirm its use in the case of the Apple Store, which may be associated with the city’s electricity networks. The journalists applied for clarifications to the company, but they did not receive an answer.

Typically, the definition of “clean energy” is covered by renewable sources of electricity, including solar panels, wind generators or hydroelectric power stations.

Apple made the announcement just a week after Google said it buys more renewable energy than it uses. However, unlike the competitor, Tim Cook does not just buy “clean” electricity in exchange for using traditional sources, but builds the appropriate infrastructure and uses it.

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