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A new virus-extortioner encrypts files on users’ computers and requires to play PUBG to unlock

Hackers do not ask for money: just run the game and play it for a while.

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The network has a new virus that encrypts files on the user’s computer in. PUBG format and for unlocking requests to spend an hour in the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). If the user does not want to do this, he can immediately enter the recovery code to the files. The first unusual virus was noticed by experts on cybersecurity from the group MalwareHunterTeam.

“Another high-quality virus that asks you to play a game to decrypt files:” PUBG Ransomware “»

As reported edition Bleeping Computer, after being hit by a computer virus encrypt user files and then a message appears on the program authors. Hackers note that they “do not want money, only to have the user play an hour in PUBG” and on the line below immediately offer a code for unlocking files.

If the user still decides to play, then it’s not necessary to spend a lot of time on this: the virus tracks only the fact of starting the TsLGame process. After that, the files immediately begin to decipher. Bypassing the request of the virus can be even easier: if you rename any .exe file in TsLGame and run it.

Apparently, the virus is someone’s joke, but the researchers did not go into the code of the program, so it’s not known what else it can do besides encrypting the files.

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