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The scientist declared about the mystery of Stonehenge

Scientist Mike Pitts claims that he was able to unravel the mystery of one of the most famous landmarks in the world – Stonehenge. Earlier, the specialists had many versions about who and how on the territory of England built an installation of huge boulders.

Pitts found that two of the largest stones in the complex were in place long before the appearance of the human species. These boulders are randomly arranged so that from a certain angle the sun on the longest and shortest day of the year comes and sits right between them.

Later, noticing this feature, people decided to create a full installation around the stones. It is assumed that Stonehenge was erected in several stages. The present form it found about 3,5 thousand years ago. Some of the stones people had to carry about a few hundred kilometers from their original location.

On the purpose of Stonehenge go different versions: scientists believe that it could be a sanctuary, an observatory or a place for burial.

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