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The daughter of the deceased in the wreck of the An-148: at the site of the fall two months later there were things and remains of people

The daughter of one of the victims of the crash of the An-148 flight, Julia Sinitsyna, published several clips about the fact that the place of the fall has not yet been removed. According to the girl, on the field in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow suburbs were things and remains of the deceased, as well as fragments of the aircraft. She also informed“Medusa” about this .

As Sinitsyna said, on April 6 she came to a field near the village of Stepanovskoye to lay flowers on the memorial to the victims of the disaster. According to the list of the dead, Yulia’s mother Tatyana Sinitsyna flew on the plane.

When I walked across the field, I saw a lot of the remains of an airplane, personal belongings and human bodies. I reported to the Investigative Committee, which said that soon the local police will come out to us. At the same time, there was no one on the field: neither the Investigative Committee, nor the patrol car, nor the police. Only after 2.5 hours came to us the head of the district.

Yuliya Sinitsyna
daughter of one of the victims in the crash of the An-148 flight

Sinitsyna noted that in the UK she was promised to understand the situation by April 9 and start searching. However, when she arrived on the field, she again did not meet there cordon, and found the remains of people and aircraft. The girl added that no one reacted to her presence, but there was a characteristic smell on the spot.

By the evening of April 9, Sinitsyna said that a detachment of the Ministry of Emergencies arrived on the field and collected the remains. She wrote down an appeal to Vladimir Putin and said that she would stay in place until she was given an explanation. A few hours later, the girl said that she went home and intends to return tomorrow.

I’m going home. A detachment of the Ministry of Emergencies passed through the field and said that everything had been collected. But there must necessarily be investigators and search dogs with cynologists, without them, it is simply impossible to collect everything.

Yuliya Sinitsyna
daughter of one of the victims in the crash of the An-148 flight

On February 11, when a plane crash in the Moscow region killed all who were on board, 71 people. According to the preliminary version of the investigation, the An-148 aircraft collapsed because of the icing of the full pressure receivers, which helped determine the speed. The Ministry of Emergency Situations announced the completion of all the works at the crash site.

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