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Steve Wozniak spoke against the policy of Facebook and leaves the social network

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak criticized Facebook and said that he was leaving the social network “which brought more negative than positive.” The reason for this was to collect a massive amount of data about their users.

– Users transmit to Facebook every detail of their lives, and Facebook makes huge money on advertising. It is based on user data, but users do not receive anything in return, “Wozniak said.

Also, the inventor noted that it would be better to pay Facebook to preserve the privacy of its information. As a positive example of data protection users Wozniak called Apple: they say, the corporation earns on production, but in the case of Facebook, people themselves are the product.

Recently, the head of Apple himself criticized Facebook. As he said, the corporation studies each application of third-party developers and checks, that these programs correspond to standards of Apple concerning privacy.

Earlier, it became known about the leak of data 87 million Facebook users.

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