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“Starfall” on Twitter: flash mob that turned not there

In Asia, a massive “supplement” with Unicode beautiful pictures. But in the West and in Russia everything turned into jokes and memes.

 Since the beginning of April on Twitter you can often meet the stars and sparks, typed by Unicode in the text of the tweet. According to the idea, the symbols are a “continuation” of photographs and artifacts located below: for example, in one of the first works the stars seem to be let out of a jar into the sky.

A year ago on Twitter it was impossible to make a similar record because of the limitation of 140 characters. But in November 2017, the service increased the limit to 280 characters, and users had more opportunities for “creativity.” Somebody took a standard set of stars and sparks, and someone added other symbols.

Initially, such a “mixture” of Unicode and images became popular in Asia: the authors of the tweets basically selected the pictures so that both parts combined as much as possible with each other. Other users drew artily themselves.

Since April 6, the Russian Twitter users drew attention to the trend in Twitter: they used the memories of Ilona Mask, who watched TeslaX, and commented on the “stars” of the advice of Herman Klimenko to switch to ICQ in the case of Telegram blocking.

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