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Potatoes from Shyngys Syrlybaev

In the US, for three years now there has been a popular service that allows you to send anonymous messages of 140 characters written on potatoes all for $ 9.99. In Russia, you can get such a message as a gift to the purchased potatoes.

An unknown author on the page for sellers of potato VKontakte told the story of the purchase of potatoes with message-mem on the wholesale and retail market “Food City” on the Kaluga highway and urged producers, packers and sellers of potatoes to leave more amusing messages on the tubers.

Today, they stopped by his wife and swam in Food City in Kaluga. All the way to the market, people argued who fried potatoes better and remembered that the potato is just about finished. We bought a box from one merchant.

Arriving home, my wife undertook to wash, despite the fact that he was already quite clean, just a little in the dust, I meanwhile stuck in the TV. Suddenly I hear screams and laughter from the kitchen, I hasten to go there, and there my wife laughs at the tuber, I looked closely and saw a message on it.

Guys, maybe there is not one who left this message on potatoes, but you know, this message made our evening more cheerful. Leave on more amusing messages. By the way, the message is not washed off with water.

Unknown author VKontakte

By the way, service from the USA is called Potato Parcel. It was established in 2015, in 2016 the monthly profit was from $ 20,000 to $ 25,000.

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