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Models with non-standard appearance (10 photos)

All these girls have a non-standard appearance, but this did not stop them from becoming models. Just like they change the modern world of fashion, making it diverse and completely different.

Jenna Turner, participates in the show “American Top Model”, where she stopped wearing a wig to hide the lack of hair on her head.

Tia Johnson, suffers from a violation of skin pigmentation, but does not hide this at all.

Ikram Abdi Omar, wears a hijab and believes that Muslim women too can become part of the world of high fashion.

Christian Kazakova, participates in the show “American Top Model” to prove that girls with her forms also have every chance of becoming a successful model.

Lauren Elise, a make-up artist and model from Chicago believes that the pigment spots on her face make her special.

Carissa Pinkston, emphasizes freckles on her face with the help of bright images.

Julia Nobis, this Australian model did not fix the shape of the nose, and therefore stands out prominently among other models.

Kayla Coleman, has not the most “good” appearance for the model, but is ready to argue with this, and therefore has already achieved considerable success.

Iman Maray, worked as a teacher, but decided to fulfill her childhood dream and became a model, and her unusual facial features helped her.

Somalia Knight, suffered bullying in school, but now works as a model and talks a lot with teenagers, explaining that you should not worry when you are not like everyone else.

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