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In the trailer of the film “Khan Solo” showed a little drift and stormtroopers in furs

Companies Walt Disney and Lucasfilm showed the story trailer of the film “Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories “directed by Ron Howard. The film, we recall, will tell you about the adventures of the young Khan Solo and his partner Chewbacca, and also tell how they became the best pilots and the most cunning smugglers of the Galaxy.

In the trailer, you can see Hana Solo in the performance of Alden Ehrenrike, there are also hints of classic jokes for the franchise, a little drift, explosions, and even imperial stormtroopers in armor and fur lining on top of it.

Initially, the new part of the stories of “Star Wars” was directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, on account of which “Lego. Film “and both parts” Macho and Botan “. However, due to “creative differences” they were replaced by Ron Howard.

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