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GTA V with income of $ 6 billion became the most successful media project in history

Since its launch in 2013, GTA V has sold more than 90 million copies, considerMarketWatch analysts. According to them, the game has become the most successful media project in history, bringing to its creators income of $ 6 billion.

Analysts compared GTA V with the highest grossing film – “Avatar” by James Cameron. These two projects have a similar budget. It is estimated that about $ 265 million was spent on the development of the game, $ 237 million for the film. At the same time, the latter collected $ 2.8 billion in theaters and home entertainment.

At the same time, analysts note a steady growth in sales of GTA games. The third numbered part sold 17.5 million copies, and GTA: San Andreas acquired 27.5 million gamers. Against this backdrop, the success of GTA V looks deafening, because the game is still year on year in the top of the sales. At the same time, a significant part of the revenue is provided to developers by microtransactions from GTA Online.

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